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Hi! I'm Liam Kruger, a writer. Mostly it's fiction, but there's some other stuff floating around too. You can find a link to things of mine that're online here, books that I've shown up in here, and you can see me fail to engage appropriately with social media over there.

Soundcloud says these guys sound like Toto and Paul Simon and that is the highest praise I can think of for anything

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From ‘On Being Blue,’ by William Gass

So blue, the word and the condition, the color and the act, contrive to contain one another, as if the bottle of the genii were its belly, the lamp’s breath the smoke of the wraith. There is that lead-like look. There is the lead itself, and all those bluey hunters, thieves, those pigeon flyers who relieve roofs of the metal, and steal the pipes too. There’s the blue pill that is the bullet’s end, the nose, the plum, the blue whistler, and there are all the bluish hues of death. 

Is it the sight of death, the thought of dying? What sinks us to a deeper melancholy: sexual incompleteness or its spastic conclusion? What seems to line our life with satin? What brings the rouge to both our cheeks? Loneliness, emptiness, worthlessness, grief… each is an absence in us. We have no pain, but we have lost all pleasure, and the lip that meets our lip is always one half of our own. Our state is exactly the name of precisely nothing, and our memories, with polite long faces, come to view us and to say to one another that we never looked better; that we seem at last at peace; that our passing was-well-sad-still-doubtless for the best (all this in a whisper lest the dead should hear). Disappointment, constant loss, despair … a taste, a soft quality in the air, a color, a flutter: permanent in their passage. We were not up to it. We missed it. We could not retain it. It will never be back. Joy-breaking gloom continues to hammer. So it’s true: Being without Being is blue. 

…because, of course, dead flesh - the flesh of those that are no longer Being - sometimes takes on a blue hue. 

There is sometimes a little too much bile to be born in books that use the words despair or loneliness without the edifying epaulets offered by ironic quotation, but hell and damn if this isn’t prose that swings enough to make it work. 

A longer extract over at The Believer here.

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This song still makes me tear up like an idiot baby.

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We have more names for parts of horses than we have for kinds of kisses.

For the knowing writer…carnal knowledge begins with Gee Whiz and ends at Ho Hum without stopping at any station in between.

Then at dusk, it is the way the color sinks among us, not like dew but settling dust our poisonous exhaust from all the life burned up while we were busy being other than ourselves.

Three clever things that William Gass says in On Being Blue
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Vladimir Nabokov In a letter to his wife Vera, c. 1923-1977


Vladimir Nabokov
In a letter to his wife Vera, c. 1923-1977

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